Thursday, August 17, 2006

Figgy Bars

Figgy Bars
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This recipe comes from the Cal Fresh Figs Web site, so please find it there. The only difference is they call it fig bars, not figgy. :)

To make these, you basically make a fig jam and layer it in between a crumbly oat mixture and bake it in the oven. I used a local honey with the figs for a very fresh farmers' market taste. The figs had to be cooked for two hours on the stove, which made them rich, sweet, and even softer, but I was hoping for the figs to lose even more of their shape. The resulting flavor was less fig newton and more fresh figs, which is great for featuring the flavor. I warned my co-workers that they would "really have to like fresh figs" to like these bars, but they were gone really quickly.

I would have liked the crumbly mixture to be less crumbly, so I would recommend cutting back either on the oats or flour.

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