Monday, December 04, 2006

Swedish Christmas Cookies

Swedish Christmas Cookies
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This recipe can be found here. I really liked the sound of these cookies - sugar cookies with cardamom and lemon, and made in a roll, which is much faster than cut out cookies.

I made the dough ahead of time and based on some of the reviews on the site, put it in the freezer. I rolled it in the sprinkles right before slicing it to bake. If I made these again, I would try more than one color of sprinkles since just red makes the cookies look a little like the barbecued pork at Chinese restaurants.

I was surprised by how the cookies baked - they never flattened out at all, and the edges stayed vertical. I'm not sure if this is a result of the dough or because I froze them, but it would definitely add a shape variety to your holiday cookie tray.

Another thing I would want to try if I made these again is something I saw on Martha Stewart once where she actually wrapped tubes of cookie dough in wrapping paper rolls, and turned them in the fridge periodically while they set up. This might have made them a little more perfectly round (but this may not have mattered once you start slicing off rounds).

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Val said...

Yours look a lot prettier with that deep red sugar on them. Mine have a mish-mash of large crystals of green & red sugar plus a smidge of white sugar. They are yummy though, my office has been enjoying them all week. :)