Monday, November 22, 2010

Bakery Review - Cupcake Couture and Catering, Greenville, SC

Check out the peanuts
In one of the recent Living Social deals in my city, they featured cupcakes by Cupcake Couture & Catering. This was a bakery I hadn't tried yet, so I took advantage of the deal.

I picked up a box of dozen cupcakes, which were smartly packed in mini marshmallows so they wouldn't move around. We had strawberry, red velvet, coconut, butterfinger, marble, and a few other kinds.

Double Strawberry Cupcake
My favorite flavor was the double strawberry - both the cupcake and icing had a fresh strawberry flavor, nothing fake or cloying.

I'm not sure I'd pay the full price for cupcakes there, but I think the cupcakes they sell just with icing are cuter than the ones with the awkward fondant cut-outs. That's a personal preference, of course. But I can tell they are using high-quality ingredients, because the flavors are good.

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Justin Francis Kane said...

Hi! Love your blog. Been reading away like crazy, was wondering...

My gram wants me to mail her some of my cupcakes, but I have no idea how to go about it. I assume overnight shipping and the like so they stay fresh, but I was wondering if you had any container suggestions?

I saw that these guys used the marshmallows and i thought that was a brilliant idea, but all the jostling of USPS would most certainly deliver a cupcake that would be turned upside down...

So your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :D