Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bakery Review - A Piece of the Pie - Hendersonville, NC

Apple Pie
One day as we were driving through Hendersonville, NC, I noticed two pie places. Two pie places! In one tiny town. I knew I would need to go back and investigate. Is pie the new cupcake? I thought it would be meringues, but those are harder to master.

I stopped in at A Piece of the Pie during an afternoon thunderstorm on a very hot and humid day, after having hiked around the historic Carl Sandburg home and spent too much money at several local used bookstores. I wasn't really in the mood for pie, but I was still curious. It is really cute inside - there are homemade goods for sale, including aprons and soap. There are used books everywhere and mismatched furniture. The menu has a wide variety of pies, even for a small town, and the teenagers working the counter also tried to sell me on the homemade icecream.

 I went for traditional apple pie. The crust was a little salty for me, but possibly a side effect of someone using kosher salt. I actually crunched into it a few times! It was a nice texture other than that. The piece of pie was generous, and there were women in the shop enjoying some of their homemade ice cream. I'd go back!

The other pie place was not open on Mondays, so I'll have to report back on that one!

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