Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coffee Low(er) Carb Cheesecake

Coffee Lower Carb Cheesecake
I've mentioned that we are eating differently in my house. Suddenly it was pi day (3.14) and I HAD to bake something.  I Skyped my husband and announced that today (yesterday) was the day I would be attempting a cheesecake with Splenda in place of sugar.  He got to pick the flavor, and he picked coffee.

I found a low carb cheesecake nut crust recipe and made the chocolate variety, and topped it with a coffee version of Abbey's (In)famous Cheesecake (the Daring Bakers challenge I hosted), just replacing out sugar for splenda.  The recipe had no flour, so I didn't need to replace any of that.  I made itty bitty ones in a mini cupcake pan, and a 6 incher.  I tried one of the itty bitties before it had chilled overnight and was sorely disappointed - the texture seemed gummy and the tinny taste of the Splenda sang out more than the coffee.  I was bummed.  Tonight I decided I would defeat it with fresh strawberries; luckily the overnight chill in the fridge really makes an incredible texture difference.  So it was creamy but still a bit tinny.  I wish I had tricks to overcome that particular nasty aspect of Splenda.  It doesn't bother me in coffee, but I notice it in pop (soda) and in this.  Maybe it is a hot vs. cold thing?

I'm not really providing an official recipe since I just kind of adapted things.  I also insist on calling it lower carb rather than low, because nuts still have carbs, but really that is the only source in the entire recipe.  Oh yeah and the strawberries but at least they are a real food!  

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