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Ginger Soy Baked Tofu

Ginger Soy Baked Tofu
Hey, you can bake savory things too! Lately we are eating tofu at least once a week, and it usually takes the form of baked squares like this. My basic technique is to press the tofu (paper towels on top and bottom, plates on both sides, heavy items on top, let sit for 30-60 minutes), cut it lengthwise through the middle and then width-wise into equal sized squares, and marinate it in whatever liquid I'm flavoring the tofu with.  In a pinch I might use something bottled (barbecue sauce can be tasty, for instance), but it doesn't take much time to whip up a marinade.

I made this recipe for Baked Ginger Soy Tofu Squares from the Garden of Eating blog a month or so ago, and it was tasty!  I don't necessarily follow the recipe exactly, just use what I happen to have on hand.  I'll post what I DID, but please follow the link to the original because it is surely tasty too.  One note - I would use tamari or low sodium soy sauce.  The first time around I used tamari, but this time I used regular soy and it was WAY too salty.  I also bake mine at least twice as long as she recommends, because I like my tofu chewy and caramelizing on the corners!

Ginger Soy Baked Tofu

* 1 (16-ounce) block extra firm tofu
* 1/2 cup soy sauce
* 2 tsps oil
* 2 cloves garlic, pressed or minced
* 1 Tbsp black sesame seeds
* 1 Tbsp ginger preserves
* Dash of tabasco sauce or hot sauce

1. Drain and rinse the block of tofu and cut into squares (see narrative above).

2. Meanwhile, make the marinade. Combine the soy sauce, oil, garlic, jam, hot sauce, and sesame seeds and stir well to make sure the jam is dissolved.

3. Put the cut tofu in a 9x13 pan, cover with marinade, and let sit for 30 minutes. Flip the tofu once and let marinate 30 more minutes, flipping once more before baking.

4. Pre-heat your oven to 350-degrees. Bake in the same pan for 20 minutes, flip squares, and bake 20 minutes longer.  If you like them softer, you can try doing 10 and 10, but you can probably bake as long as an hour if you like them chewy and a little crispy on the edges.

Baked tofu is one of those dishes that can be enjoyed hot or cold.  Try it with rice, greens, salad, or even in a sandwich.

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