Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fresh figs

Fresh figs
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A co-worker brought me some fresh figs to bake with, and I had never used fresh figs before! It was exciting.

I thought that all this time I hadn't been baking with figs because I never had any fresh ones, but most recipes (particularly for baked goods) actually call for dried figs. I especially was hoping to make cucidati, an Italian Christmas cookie I had in St. Louis, but all the recipes used dried figs. I will be making them eventually, just not for this purpose.

The best web site I found for fresh figs is the California Fresh Fig Growers Association. There is also an intriguing but simple recipe in an aphrodisiac cookbook that I have (Intercourses) for figs served with honey that I plan to try with the last pint.

It is an interesting experience to bite into a fresh fig. The skin isn't tough, but you can definitely feel it. Really fresh figs are very soft and sweet, and while the seeds are there they aren't as prominent as in a dried fig.

Please read further entries for what I did with the figs! Oh yeah, and from a co-worker, God hates figs.

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