Friday, March 26, 2010

Vegan Baked Goods in San Diego

Stephanie at Stephanie's
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This was intended to be a fantastic review post of Stephanie's Bakery in San Diego, where I was this last week for the Music Library Association Annual Conference. Unfortunately, despite nothing on their web site to the contrary, and no signage at the bakery itself, they were not open the three different times I tried visiting throughout the week. I hope they are just on vacation, and have a beach-town mentality that doesn't always think to put up a sign, because the idea of a vegan bakery that serves fantastic lunch and dinner sounded amazing! My friend Stephanie, pictured, is not the Stephanie of Stephanie's, but was also disappointed. She is a vegan living in California who has been to Stephanie's before, and was looking forward to going back.

Meeting a blog fan
I know this picture is very blurry, but I was delighted to meet a new music librarian who says she has been following JennyBakes for two years or so. I tried whisking her away on a bakery adventure to Stephanie's. We still had fun, but not as much as we would have had if we'd actually had a bakery to review.

Goddess Bar
There was vegan food to be had in San Diego, even baked goods. I ate several times at the OB People's Food Co-op, with the grocery on the first floor and fantastic deli on the second. I bought their cookbook, so you might see some of their vegan recipes in this blog in the near future. This goddess bar, for instance, was fantastic.

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