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Cinco de Mayo Brownies

Cinco de Mayo Brownies
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Here it is, the ocho de mayo, and I haven't yet blogged these brownies. My new guilty pleasure food show is What Would Brian Boitano Make? He makes food that isn't difficult, and it is funny to see what he dumps into a bowl and calls it a teaspoon. (It isn't supposed to be funny, but he is way off!). He made Fudgy Gooey Brownies on a recent episode, and I liked them because they included ancho chili powder, cayenne pepper, and coffee.

They also included salt sprinkled on the top. I believe I have already ranted at least once about this salt trend that I hate, but to paraphrase no way was I adding salt to my brownies. Even the kosher salt used in the recipe instead of regular made the salt a more prominent flavor than I would have liked. I don't get this trend, can't wait for it to pass!

Living in the south and not wanting to wait on a mail order, I couldn't find chili powder that was ancho-specific and chili-only. Here chili powders come with garlic and onion, and I just couldn't see that being very good in a brownie. So I omitted the chili powder, used the cayenne pepper, and doubled the espresso powder in the recipe.

The one in the picture has coffee buttercream on it, an experiment i did but ultimately I thought they were best plain. I had a few funny reactions from people who didn't read the sign and were not expecting spice. The funniest comment I got was, "I think something might be wrong with me but my tongue has been on fire since I ate one of your brownies!"

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