Saturday, August 06, 2011

Green Tomato Bundt Cake

Slice of Green Tomato Bundt Cake
Every once in a while I will make something that I'm not sure I'll like, and still can't decide after it is over if it was "good." This Green Tomato Bundct Cake, from Paula Deen on the Food Network, is one of those cakes. A friend of mine made this recipe a bunch last summer and swore by it (although she recommended skipping the glaze). I loved the concept; it seemed so southern to use green tomatoes in a cake! I kept thinking of it in the off-season but finally remembered to pull it out once I started seeing green tomatoes at the farmers markets again.

A lot of reviews claimed that nobody could tell these were green tomatoes! That it was so amazing and delicious and mysterious! My problem was that they were too obviously green tomatoes. They were so firm, even in a small dice, they hadn't developed enough sugar to absorb into the cake, and their tartness really stood out. The cake itself was delicious, the spices and nuts (and currants that I used) were heartwarming and would be perfect for fall.. without the green tomatoes.

It seems I have a verdict after all!


Karina said...

Hmm, interesting. I love tomatoes and cake, but I don't know how it would go together. Did it taste more on the citrus side?

Unknown said...

Tart, but not really citrusy. The cake itself was a lovely spice cake that I'll make again (but without the tomatoes!).

Karina said...

That's good to know, I guess I'm not too convinced on trying the cake with the tomatoes either.