Thursday, December 22, 2011

Green Olive and Gruyere Loaf

Inside view of No Knead Bread
I have tried making no-knead bread before, but was unhappy with the overly crusty nature of it. I've taken to watching Martha Bakes, despite the feeling that she could have been more original with her name. I mean, come on Martha. JennyBakes? Barbara Bakes? We've all been around, baking, longer than you. But anyway.

She had a bread episode where she made this marvelous looking green olive and gruyere no-knead bread, elegantly referred to on her website as "Olive and Cheese Loaf." It is DELICIOUS. A little salty. If I make this again I might rinse the olives more. It worked great, although I baked it in a springform, lacking a dutch oven pan I could put in the oven. Why can't it just go in a bread pan? I'm not sure....

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David T. Macknet said...

It looks awesome! As to the bread pan: I'd go with it, frankly. We just did stollen and think that it would have baked far more evenly in a bread pan than laid flat. So. Experiment!