Sunday, March 17, 2013

Belated Pi(e) Day

Rhubarb Fool Pie (low-sugar)
One of my goals for the year was to not forget Pi Day.  What kind of baker forgets Pi Day?  Well, I forgot Pi Day.  Almost.  At 8 pm, I decided I couldn't just let it go by, and that I should make pie based on what I had no hand.  That included rhubarb, only one stick of butter, no eggs, and little patience.

I stumbled across a recipe for Foolish Rhubarb Pie on  Well, if it is science, I might as well trust it!  I adapted it to make it slightly lower sugar, by using brown sugar Splenda blend instead of brown sugar, using half hazelnut flour for the graham crackers, and cutting back on the rhubarb a bit (only because I only had 3/4 lb.).

Fool is tasty.  In my opinion, it doesn't need crust.  But without crust, would it be a pi(e)? Well, for this one day a year, we'd better not chance it.  The Pi(e) Day of all Pi Days will of course be 3/14/15, so we'd better start planning for two years from now!

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