Monday, March 12, 2007

Bakery Visit - Enrico Biscotti

BiscottiI always try to visit a bakery when I go to a new town. While in Pittsburgh at the end of February, I had planned to visit the Jenny Lee Bakery (just liked the name). I found it but it was under renovation and closed until April. I looked up "Pittsburgh and bakery" in Google, and came up with Enrico Biscotti. I remembered seeing them on the Food Network, and was ecstatic to go there!

One afternoon I had a few hours free, so I ventured out with Terry from the last university I worked at. We took a cab there, and it was located in a section of town with a lot of Italian shops and an open-air market feel (despite the snowy weather). The people working there (might be the owners) were incredibly friendly, wanted to know how we found out about them, where we were from, why we were there, etc. They even took the time to take our picture (if you click on the picture above, you can see others from my trip).

What was the most amazing was the smell. Imagine the smell of one biscotti, and multiply it by 1,000! They must have had at least twenty different kinds. I bought bags of apricot hazelnut and chocolate vanilla swirl to share with co-workers, and bought a half dozen for my husband and I - chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, pumpkin, cranberry, chocolate covered almond, and double chocolate. All biscotti are crunchy, but many are stale tasting and hard. These were perfect, and had so much flavor - I wish I had purchased much more. Lucky for me, I can buy some more online. I also bought one macaroon that was the most buttery and tender macaroon I have ever had. (You might notice in the picture that the macaroon is barely pictured as I took a bite before taking a photo!).

If you are in Pittsburgh, do not skip a trip to Enrico Biscotti!

(I know this month is supposed to be recipes from foodie lit, and that will continue next Monday)

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SweetJen said...

Yummy! We might have to check it out.

Next time you are in town you'll have to visit Coco's cupcake bakery in Shadyside (one of the downtown neighborhoods). FABULOUS goodies.