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Double Shot Chocolate Cake

Double Shot Chocolate Cake
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This month I am going to focus on recipes from what I call "foodie lit" - books that are not cookbooks, but contain recipes. Usually they go along with the story, and often the main character is involved in food preparation in some way.

There are several mystery authors out there that write food-themed series. Goldy Bear is a caterer and single Mom featured in Diane Mott Davidson's books, who lives in Colorado but seems to work as an amateur detective almost more than she works as a caterer! In Double Shot, Goldy finds out her ex-husband has been released from prison, but is he responsible for everything happening to sabotage her business?

I actually haven't read this book. I started back at the beginning of the series, but this recipe was one of the ones actually available on her site. You can get to it here, although you might have to log in.

At Furman, we sometimes have a booktalk during our library faculty/staff meetings called "The Book Stops Here." In February my co-worker and I did a shared booktalk on foodie lit, and I made and brought this cake. It was very rich and the recommended whipped cream is almost a requirement because of its density and darkness. I used Nestle Chocolatier bittersweet baking chocolate, and have been pleased with its consistency and quality.

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