Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bakery Review - Greenfield's Bagels and Deli - Greenville, SC

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Greenfield's Bagels and Deli has become a staple in Greenville, SC, and has just celebrated their 10th year in town. On my first visit, I bought a half dozen of assorted bagels, and a few cookies to try (rainbow, my favorite, and a black and white). There looked to be delicious Kosher sandwich options for lunch, but we went with some cream cheese with our bagels, more of a breakfast option.

These are REAL bagels. None of the soft bready nonsense you get at the store. These are toothsome but not dry, chewy, and light. I'll be going back, and if you are in town, you should stop by too! They are open 7 days a week, but close early, so check their web site for hours.


Rachel said...

We've been going to Greenfields for years and love this locally owned shop. We both crave the honey whole wheat bagels. Did you know that their cream cheese is home made (and to die for)? Now I need a bagel.

Mary said...

Ooooh. I shouldn't have read first thing in the morning, hungry, in a breakfasty mood. Like R, now I REALLY need a bagel. I haven't been to Greenfield's in years. So far away. But I'll go soon. Thanks!