Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy Red, White, and Blue Day

Red, White, and Blue!
Strawberry shortcake seems so patriotic. Only because strawberries are ripe around what we call independence day. For these cute shortcakes, I used Anne Thornton's recipe, with a few changes - I added chopped up mint and thyme from my garden into the dough itself, not just with the berries. I didn't have an orange, so I skipped it. And I didn't add nearly as much sugar as was called for to the fruit.

All the fruit and herbs in this recipe come from our garden! Earlier today, the blueberries looked like this:
From Gardening

How can you resist? As far as patriotism goes, one of my English friends pointed out that strawberries and cream is a rather English dish. Hehe.

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Julie said...

How awesome! I have two blueberry bushes in my backyard that I planted last spring, and this year, between the two of them, I got one tiny blueberry that shriveled up before I ever got to try it. Maybe next year. ;)