Monday, February 20, 2012

Cup-Cakin' in Dallas

Cup-Cakin' Machine
Food trucks are trendy right now, but I don't have any in MY city, so it was still an inexperienced phenomenon for me.  Then I hit Dallas, Texas for the annual MOUG and MLA Meetings, where I was bound to connect with my BlogFan for Adventure #3.  I had done a little research, and other than a tortilla factory in a suburb that would have been impossible to get to without a car, none of the bakeries of Dallas were really calling my name.

Sara and Emily on a Cupcake Truck Safari
Luckily, Emily (BlogFan) had also been doing some research, and had found a cupcake truck! The Cup-Cakin' Machine can be seen around Dallas, and you can always find their schedule by following them in Facebook or Twitter. That's what she had done, and on Thursday, they were in Thanksgiving Square, a short walk from the Fairmont Hotel. We braved the coldish weather for our cupcakes, and brought Sara along too.  It was too cold to eat outside, so we brought them back to the hotel.  (You can follow our previous adventures in Philadelphia and San Diego, and there will be more to come, as long as we are both music librarians!)

Chocolate Triple Threat Cupcake
They had 6-8 flavors available that day, and I chose the triple chocolate threat. It was delicious - the cake part was moist and soft, and actually tasted like chocolate. The white chocolate buttercream was thick and sweet but not greasy, and the ganache on top was a nice touch. 

Do you have food trucks in your town?  Do any of them have BAKED GOODS?  If I had a food truck, I would do tea and scones....

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