Monday, December 25, 2006

Seven Layer Cookies

Seven Layer Cookies
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This recipe comes from These amazing little gems are quite a bit of work, but I would like to say they are completely worth the effort.

I made a few changes to the recipe - the layers seemed to need to bake at least 15 minutes or they were gooey, and for them to stand up in the cookie, they need to be somewhat firm. The recipe warns against overbaking, but underbaking seems an equal crime here (my pinkish red layer was underbaked and when biting into the cookie, the pink layer squishes out slightly).

I would also recommend blending the chocolate with a little bit of cream to soften that layer, making it easier to cut.

In between the layers (making the seven) is apricot jam, although several reviewers said they use other flavors like raspberry. I loved the flavor combination of the almond, apricot, and chocolate. This was such a contrast to the other baked goods I make during the holidays (more recipes to come, now on a weekly basis).

This recipe gets my Best Recipe of the Year Award because of its appearance, taste, and unique appeal.

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