Monday, June 23, 2008

Cookbook Review - Big Fat Cookies!

Big Fat Cookies!
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A co-worker lent me a few cookbooks and I have been eyeing this one throughout my move. The shiny pictures and easy to follow recipes lured me in, but the hardest part was picking which ones to try. I'm intrigued by the Pine Nut and Fig Round Ups as well as the Currant Cornmeal Crunch Cookies, but both of those were under the crunchy category.

And, well, I'm more of a soft cookie girl.

Growing up, my Mom often made morning glory muffins, full of carrots and coconut and nuts. The Morning Glory Breakfast Cookie is more like a muffin top, but in a handy cookie shape. My husband and I sometimes order Erin Baker's Breakfast Cookies online and love them, so I am always looking for a recipe that will come close. These aren't quite dense enough to be like those, but still delicious.

The other cookie I chose was the black and white cookie. These aren't typically the kind of cookie I would pick but I liked the idea of making them. The cookie dough is a lemon-scented buttermilk sugar cookie, and you use the bottoms to have a smooth surface to put the two glazes on. These were really fun to make, and have a lot more flavor than I expected.

So hooray! The first baking project in my new kitchen - two cookie recipes in two hours!

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Jacque said...

New cookbooks are always so fun and full of possibilities. Your black and white cookies looks just like the ones you see in the magazines. Nice work!

You had asked on my Danish Braid post about the almond filling... yep, that's it in the mid-braiding picture. It's a lovely caramel color.

Lacey said...

I got this cookbook too, and I love the recipes I've made from it so far. your cookies look like they turned out awesome too!

I'm a new reader and I was just browsing through other baker's blogs and I came across yours, so I thought I'd leave a comment to a fellow baker :D

happy eating to you!

Anonymous said...

I want cookies!

-Joe Naquin