Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Daring Bakers September 2011 - Croissants

Daring Bakers - Croissants
The Daring Bakers go retro this month! Thanks to one of our very talented non-blogging members, Sarah, the Daring Bakers were challenged to make Croissants using a recipe from the Queen of French Cooking, none other than Julia Child!

I had actually made croissants before, from a different Julia Child recipe, and had a better result than I did this time around.  I'm not sure of the difference.  At one point I think I rolled out one too many times, but that should have created more layers, not the deflated croissants I ended up with.  The last time I also chilled between EVERY step, and this time didn't do that because the recipe didn't ask me to.

Oh yeah, also, I tried making chocolate croissant dough by substituting 1/4 cup of the flour with cocoa powder.  As you can probably tell by my attempt at a double chocolate croissant, it didn't exactly work out.  The dough was way too dry and never really recovered, and butter was poking through at every turn.  I wanted to try something new!  Perhaps I should have done it by weight instead of volume.


Audax said...

Sorry to hear that the chocolate version didn't work out so well for you. But the croissants do look good, yes you are right chilling before each fold and turn does give a better result. Well done. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia.

Lisa said...

Several people tried a chocolare croissant dough and either didn't like it because they couldn't taste rge chocolate, or it didn't turn out, period. I'm sorry you didn't have a great croissant experience this time around, but they do look great, and your last attempt was a huge success!