Monday, July 02, 2007

Bakery Review - Strossners

Strossners Bakery is located in Greenville, SC. It seems like one of those bakeries that has been around a long time (and the web site says over 50 years) - most of what they make is traditional bakery fare - bread, danishes, cakes, pastries, cookies, etc.

Our first experience with them was about a year ago - we had just moved to town and it was going to be my birthday, so we stopped by and picked up a cake. They have so many full-sized cakes ready to go at all times that it took some time to decide, but I remember getting the Triple Chocolate Torte. It was okay, but I've never been a fan of the fudgy icing since my cake decorating days (it tends to be a little plastic in texture).

Since then we have been back to eat at the deli, pick up an occasional breakfast pastry (the almond danish is highly recommended, best I've had), etc.

This year for my birthday I picked the Bailey's Ganache Cake. Both my husband and I like the flavor of Bailey's, and I thought it would be amazing with chocolate. Inside the cake are three chocolate cake layers, spread liberally with Baileys, filled with chocolate ganache and the outside is topped with a whipped ganache.

It was really good. The downfall of commercial bakeries is that they have to add ingredients to things like icing to make them last longer, so the outer icings were a bit rubbery in texture, but I felt the flavor made up for it.

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Elle said...

Glad that you had a fantastic cake for your birthday...well, it looks fantastic and, except for the outer frosting, sounds like it was delicious. It's great when you find a really good bakery.

Glenna said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny! The cake looks fantastic.